The Idea Behind GIVE 18

We are asking you to give $18.00 once a year and help make a difference! Please consider a yearly donation of $18.00 and tell your friends, family and fellow golf enthusiasts to join us in our fight to beat cancer once and for all. Your donations will go directly to fund cancer research projects by the brightest Doctors, Scientists and Researchers at the nation's leading cancer research facility.

The plan is simple

If every golfer gives $18.00 per year to fund cancer research we can have a significant impact on a disease that affects all of us.

    Consider this:
  • There are 26.2 million golfers in the United States.
  • A golfer is defined as anyone ages 18 and above who played at least one regulation round of golf in the past 12 months.
  • They spent $19.7 billion on public and private green fees and dues, and an additional $4.7 billion on equipment (clubs, balls, bags, gloves, shoes) in 2002 (Provided by The National Golf Foundation).
  • 26,000,000

    Estimated Golfers
    in the US


    Billions Spent Annually
    Green Fees & Dues


    Billions Spent Annually


    Needed from
    each golfer