Organize a "Ryder Cup" style Challenge between friends or rival golf clubs. You will have a chance to compete with your friends and/or rivals to see who can raise more money FORE cancer research. You can play 9, 18, 27,or 36 holes in various formats including best ball, 2 man scramble, alternate shot or make up your own. It is a fun competitive way to make a difference!

How Match Play works:

Points: Each match has 1 point available. There are no extra holes in a Ryder Cup. Should the two sides be tied after 6, 9 or 18 holes, each side earns a halve (1/2 point).

Winning point total
In order to achieve an outright win, a team must collect the majority of the points available.

What does "Fourballs" mean?
Fourballs is when two players from tone team tee off against two players from another in the same group. Each player plays his own ball for the entire hole. The lowest score -- or better ball -- from the two partners counts as the team score for the hole.

What does "Foursomes" mean?
In this format, two players from one team tee off against two players from another in the same group, but play just one ball each, alternating shots. If player A tees off on the odd-numbered holes, player B tees off on the even-numbered holes. The team with the lower score takes the hole.

What does "Singles" mean?
In "singles" there are separate, one-on-one matches contested with one player from each team squaring off against each other. Singles is the only session in the Ryder Cup where every player from each side plays.

What does it mean to "concede?"
Unlike stroke play, players do not have to "putt-out" in match play. If a player "concedes" a putt to his opponent, the opponent is allowed to pick his ball up, taking the score he would have made on the next stroke, and move on to the next hole. A concession can be made on a hole, a putt, or a putt that closes out the match.

How is a line-up determined for each session?
The captain from each team determine which of their players will play together in a particular session, as well as the order in which they will play. The captains submit an envelope with their respective line ups and do not know ahead of time who they'll be up against.

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